Kimberley Little (kimberleylittle) wrote,
Kimberley Little

Signing my Three-book Scholastic Contract!!!

At last - it's signed and in the mail and I'm getting around to posting pictures!

It's a strange and wonderful feeling after so many years and years and years  . . . I still can't *quite* believe it.

Maybe when the check gets here and I make that trip to the bank, ha, ha!

First Page . . . I know, I'm such a tease on those Advance details on Item #2.

Don't forget to put your Jane Hancock on all 4 copies!!!

Don't look at the dying Valentin's Day roses . . . or the messy house background, ahem.

Feelin' the Contract Love, people.

My Purple Contract Signing Shoes! I've always wanted purple shoes - and I splurged.
Feels good, baby! But I can hardly walk in 'em. ;-D

If I had three thumbs I would have used them, hee, hee!

Look what I found underneath my pillow!

Dreams can come true . . .

Tags: book deal; contract signing, scholastic
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