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Introducing Milly and the Alamosa Bookstore Event!!

So Ladies and Gentlemen! This is what happens when you leave an adorable Kinda-sorta Personal Assistant in front of a computer with your Author Blogger up. You Get a totally Awesome Partially Biased Blog recounting the more Interesting Activities of what happens in this mad Little house! First off Let me introduce Me. My Name is Milly (Short for Milyssa). I am totally crazy, incredibly crafty and only Mostly conceited. I LOVE books, Japanese Anime and Manga, Tim Burton Movies and most recently Korean Dramas (Curse you Netflix!!). So how do I know Kimberley, you ask and how did I become her kinda-sorta assistant? Well the story we tell the public is that she found me at a slave auction in Budapest and took pity on me and bought me instead of letting me be bought by the local Baker. (We've all seen Sweeney Todd, we know what happens when you are owned by a baker :/ ) But the actual truth is "We are Family, Yeah, I got all my sisters with me." *Does a little dance*

But Back to the point! So What happens in Kimberley's Life and most importantly what type of Author Activities does she do? Well, Let me tell you!

On November 5th 2011, Mrs. Kimberley Griffiths Little enlisted  the help of Me, Your Friendly Neighborhood Milly, to be her assistant for her Book Signing Party at Alamosa Book Store in Albuquerque, NM. I Figured, Hey no problem, I've seen The Devil Wears Prada, and she can't be as bad as Helen Mirren's Character......... Can She? :)

We arrived at the Bookstore around 1:30 after having a delicious lunch at the nearby Dion's (Pizza!!! Yumm!!) and proceeded to start hauling stuff into the store to set up. We had displays, food, A deliciously Awesome cake (Made by myself of course, With a little Help from Betty Crocker) and a fun Charm Bracelet Craft for people to either make or purchase as a gift to go with the book. After Hauling in the important stuff, like the Poster size book cover of the Circle of Secrets and the 'Gators and The Gumbo (You can never forget the gumbo!!) and making sure it was all properly set up we went out for the Crème de la crème of our event.

The Princess Castle Cake! (Made by yours truly) but as we pulled out the box that had the cake we suddenly realized that a secondary box for the cake was missing. The towers for the absolutely Gorgeous Castle cake were forgotten to be packed in the car by a certain somebody’s spouse (Probably because he had small children crawling all over him). Fortunately the cake was adorable enough to not need the towers so we put it out anyway! 



But first we discovered a Treasure Trove of Kimberley's  Books, The Healing Spell and  Circle of Secrets!!

Anyways, People came in and started filling up all the lovely seats while I set up the Charm Bracelet Craft in the back of the store. Then The Magic Started! Kimberley got up and introduced what was happening and said a few nice words about the store and its owners. Then introduced her Adorable assistant (Me!) and explained what the craft was that we would be doing in the back after the Presentation was over! And then she pressed play and Wonderful Cajun Music filled the air as a video presentation of her adventures in Louisiana played on a screen.

I will admit that the music might have stopped half way through the presentation and it might have been the fault of the person who made the video for Kim *cough cough*milly*cough cough* but the rest of the Video went very Smoothly Including the New Book Trailer for Circle of Secrets! 

Spectacular and Spooky Book Trailer for CIRCLE OF SECRETS AT THIS VERY LINK!!! 

After the Video was done Kimberley gave a very nice talk that included a couple of very well placed jokes, a bit of "ooh"s and "aah"s and a wonderful reading of her book! (She even threw on a little Cajun accent, but Shh you didn't hear it from me). Either way her Presentation ended with wonderful Applause! And then everyone got in line for the Book signing and food!! 

The Bracelet activity went off without a hitch and many young girls walked away with fun bracelets to keep and cherish for the rest of their lives! (Or till they lose it).

Afterwards everyone was happy but exhausted and I think the event went very Well. For all those who made it We thank you from the bottom of our hearts but if you didn't make it
this time then make sure to be there Next time for Kim's future YA "Bellydance" Novel. (I hear there is going to be some really cute young ladies doing some belly dances ;D )

So This is Milly Signing off! And be prepared to hear from me more in the future!

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